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Medical Doctor Cautions Against the Use of Virginity Restoring Soaps & Creams

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After skin whitening creams and butt enhancement and tightening gels, we now have virginity soaps selling like hotcakes in the Zimbabwean market.

Despite the fact that these soaps do not conform to health regulations, women in Zimbabwe have been using it and salespeople swear by its effectiveness.

It is alleged by the sellers that bride to be have been using these soaps as a way to get out of the “not a virgin drama” on the wedding night. Ladies are now restoring their virginity every time they sleep with a different man as a way to maintain their so-called innocence despite the effects of the soaps.

A medical doctor who refused to be mentioned stated that these soaps can be cancerous so ladies should avoid these at all cost. He went on to say a relationship should be based on trust and openness. If a lady is a virgin and their virginity is doubted then let go the relationship.

“The hymen tells very little about someone's virginity because they come in different shapes and sizes, as well as levels of elasticity. After intercourse, an elastic hymen may remain intact for example. A seemingly torn hymen may actually haven't been exposed to penetration but would be just in its natural state. Where ever in the body, there is a change in the type of cells or number of cells forming tissue in the body, there is a risk of cancerous cells being made”.

“Am trying to be as unsophisticated as possible, but for those who find lengthy statements boring, all I am saying is when a tissue (eg hymen) increases in size by hyperplasia, metaplastic changes at epithelia predispose to malignant transformation. It's too selfish to fake virginity and gives somebody a financial burden to take care of cancer that somebody could have bought”.he said

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He went on to say “Another aspect is whether successful at fooling him or not, at one point she will have mental problems be it depression, paranoia, PTSD, etc. Once one finds themselves in that situation, it's hard to get out of it completely despite seeing psychiatrists, psychologists and being given drugs of any sort. Guilt and depression are leading causes of parasuicide”.

“My opinion is chances are if one is to use these products, they might find themselves in situations classified as risky sexual behaviour which increase one's chances of acquiring and/or transmitting HIV eg multiple sexual partners and unprotected sexual intercourse. HIV is bad news to the taxpayer. HIV and poverty are inter-related. There is a number of reasons for economic decline out there, one of them is HIV and it's related illnesses.”

“I think marriage counsellors have an underestimated role by society. People should engage them more often. A relationship should be based on trust and openness. If a lady is a virgin and their virginity is doubted then let go the relationship. Know yo self worth sister.”

For all, u know that may be a warning sign that physical and emotional abuse will be the order of the day in the marriage you are willing to fight for to the extent of “buying yo virginity.” U might not live to tell the tale. If for sure one knows that they aren't a virgin then they should say so, if he truly loves he should honour her for such honesty

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