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Breast Cancer awareness:It Is Not Breast That Makes a Woman Complete.

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A woman got cancer years ago and she had her breast removed. She was always shy and did not want people to see that she had only one. She hid.

She always wore large t-shirts and a jersey to conceal the wound. She felt incomplete. Doctors gave her a silicone breast to match. It did not help.

Every time she was moving around and she sweated the silicone breast would move and even reach up to the neck without her noticing in front of people. People looked.

One day she saw a blind woman on the sidewalks knitting knockers(breast-shaped balls). She looked in admiration.

She approached the blind woman to inquire if she could make one for her. Upon requesting the old blind woman gladly agreed and pulled a bag full of the knockers and told her to take as many as she wanted and at no charge, the woman was happy and she took two.

She thanked.

Before leaving she asked

“Do you also have one breast”

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To her surprise the blind woman replied

“No, I have all my breasts. When I lost my eyes I was shattered and felt incomplete. I was still in the hospital and I heard a woman cry that she had lost her breast after a breast cancer attack. I thought to myself if I have the ability to give someone else back their confidence with something artificial, what I could not get myself, it would make me feel complete so I knitted these to complete a crying soul”

In tears, the woman looked at the blind woman and she left.

Its breast cancer awareness month. Have a caring heart and don't ignore, educate someone, it might make a difference.

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