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Do You Have Money Consciousness?

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Your level of money consciousness will determine the amount of money you attract in your life.

Poverty (lack) is a physical manifestation of what one thinks about money.

Poverty is a physical manifestation of either one's mind is money conscious or not money conscious.

Poverty in the physical is a result of poverty in the mind.

Poverty is a mindset.

Do not allow your mind to be at sleep while you have no money. God gives you ideas, gifts, skills and abilities it from these gifts that we earn money. How you use your mindset determines how you will earn from these gifts.

Sleepness of the mind is what leads to poverty. If you desire to change your financial position start by changing your mindset and view about money.

Transformation of the mindset is important in your road to financial freedom.

Money comes to those who are money conscious. How money conscious and money alert you are will determine how much money will come your way. Be money conscious.

Billionaires are conscious of billions, so are millionaires

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So the great question is What is your money consciousness level at?

Do not allow your mind to sleep in the area of your finances.



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