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According to BBC Weather *Harare* is gonna face a fortnight of some insanely blizzard hot temperatures in the coming weeks. Below are the expected Maximum temperatures and the days.

*-* Tuesday 22 October *34°C*

*-* Wednesday 23 October *34°C*

*-* Thursday 24 October *35°C*

*-* Friday 25 October *34°C*

*-* Saturday 26 October *34°C*

*-* Sunday 27 October *35°C*

*-* Monday 28 October *37°C*

*-* Tuesday 29 October *37°C*

*-* Wednesday 30 October *34°C*

*-* Thursday 31 October *33°C*

*-* Friday 01 November *33°C*

*-* Saturday 02 November *33°C*

*-* Sunday 03 November *33°C*


*-* Forbid Children to play under direct sunlight.

*-* Stay hydrated, drink loads of water even if you don't feel thirsty.

*-* Choose cooling foods, cucumbers, pawpaw i.e. veggies and fruits are good, avoid meat, it increases metabolic heat production as the body fights to digest eat, thus add to loss of water.

*-* Stay out of the sun while it's at its hottest. This common sense approach isn't always easy to adhere to.

*-* Wear sunscreen, those who can afford it, Sunscreen does not necessarily have a cooling effect, it's protective effect is vital.

*-* Stay in the shade especially that provided by trees. Trees release water into the air that absorbs some of the heat.

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*-* Splash water on your skin. A dip in cool water is refreshing.

*-* Wear lighter clothing. Lightweight, a bit lose and light in colour.

*-* Keep your head covered. Wide-brimmed hats that covers scalp and back of your neck provides shade.

*-* Wear breathable footwear.

*-* Chose function over style.

*-* Allow time to acclimatise if you are a visitor.

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