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ZESA Cables Thieves Electrocuted to Death

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Two suspected to be copper cable thieves met doomsday, after being electrocuted in Woodville suburb in Bulawayo, near the 66KV line Nyamandlovu, Umguza and Turk Mine areas trying to steal the cables. Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango confirmed the incident. 

“Police in Bulawayo are investigating a case of sudden death which occurred in Woodville suburb Bulawayo on the 21st of October 2019 at around 0730hrs. The informant a male adult aged 31 years who is a resident of Woodville phoned the police informing that there was a dead body in their farm under the Zesa line,” said Chief Ins Simango.

She said the body of the other suspect was found about 150 metres away from the scene.

Cable Thieves

“Other items that were at the scene were a green bolt cutter, which was near the dead body, a black woollen hat besides, a Samsung phone, 11-metre long rope, one sock, half a piece of a standard brick and a wallet.

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The body was searched and police found US$30, ZW$7, a photocopy of an ID and six packets of chilli,” said Chief Insp Simango. According to witnesses, the power tripped in the early hours of the morning (between 2-3 am)

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