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Zimbabwe Is Expected To Continue Experiencing Extreme Temperatures,

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Zimbabwe is expected to continue experiencing extreme temperatures, with a high probability of a heatwave, to last until Thursday.

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Initially, the high temperatures were expected to last until yesterday.

In a statement yesterday, the SADC-Climate Services Centre said the region will continue experiencing high temperatures in the central parts.

“Persistent temperatures in the range of 30 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius are expected in bulk of central SADC in the next five days,” said the centre.

“Parts of central SADC will experience temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius over a consecutive period of three days and occasions where temperatures have a high probability to exceed 40 degrees Celsius, thus reaching the threshold for heatwave alert during the forecast period.

Extreme south-eastern Angola, north and easternmost parts of Botswana, eastern half of Eswatini, south-western parts of Madagascar, southern Malawi, most of Mozambique, extreme north-eastern Namibia, eastern fringes of South Africa, south and eastern Zambia, northern fringes and southern half of Zimbabwe are expected to have a high probability to experience a heatwave up to October 31.

SADC-CSC has advised members of the public to take necessary precautions during the period of extreme heat.

“For parts of the region where there is a high probability for a heatwave to be experienced, there is need to adhere to all the health advisories provided by local institutions in member states,” said the centre.

“Precautions are advised in these areas to avoid heat-related health problems, such as heat stroke, amongst others.

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