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Its Coming :The November Myth

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Depending on your level of superstitious beliefs, the month of November, according to Shona cultural traditions, is supposed to be a month of rest.


Traditional and cultural events which are held during this month are rendered a nullity. It is said that transgressors of this traditional custom bring bad luck upon themselves. Weddings, for instance, held during November will end up in divorce or other disasters as punishment for this abomination.

This explains why to this day we do not see many (if any) weddings and some African traditional ceremonies in Zimbabwe during the month of November.


If you will recall, in 2012, the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai was found guilty by Chief Negombo, Lucious Chitsinde, of breaking customary laws that prohibit families from performing marriage rites in the “sacred” month of November. His “marriage” with Leocadia Karimatsenga did not last.


Those who believe in this traditional custom think that the divorce was due to the fact that Tsvangirai had broken customary laws. In November people are supposed to be preparing their fields for growing crops and anyone who decides not to follow this tradition in order to concentrate on other things is bound to be cursed


Many people in Zimbabwe still believe in November being a sacred month and no business events should take place during this period because it will bring bad luck to the transgressor.

Every society has its own traditions and superstitions, however, superstitions vary with what you care to believe.

Accidents that kill many people often occur during the month of November and these are tied to the Curse of November. Some church leaders do acknowledge the myths but do not believe it.

Supreme Council of Islamic affairs in Zimbabwe chair Sheikh Ishmail Duwa said although some of the accidents are directly linked to Satanism, the majority of them are a result of overspeeding, human error, drinking and driving.

“It is wrong to always tie road accidents to spirituality. Some drivers use the roads when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drunk drivers become negligent, are prone to misjudgements and often overtake in a careless manner,” Sheikh Duwa said.

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“The myth is a fake belief were people need to be educated. We have to be more focused on what does the word say more about it than people say. They say stars will fall down in November here but has one did? Answer no” said Prophet Valerie Muchuwa of Valerie Muchuwa Ministries

However, some church leaders believe in the myth and there is no reference to the bible.

Reverend Victor Chembela of the Chisipite Baptist Church said Satanists are most active during the months of October and November, hence the spilling of blood.

“Satanists are most active during this period as they will be seeking blood for their sacrifices. As Christians, we must pray and fast during this period,” Rev Chembela said.

Traditionalist Sekuru Tafireinyika Mtashu said everything that happens in one’s life is influenced by spirituality.

“In the African tradition, everything that happens to individuals is directly related to the spiritual world. In some cases, the ancestors turn their backs on people who might have wronged them, resulting in calamities. ” Sekuru Tafireinyika Mtashu.

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