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Ministry of Information,Publicity &Broadcasting Twitter Saga

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The Ministry of Information on 2 November 2019 shared a tweet which they immediately pulled down and apologised for the act.

Despite pulling down the tweet , users had already taken screenshots.

The tweet was addressed to doctors who are on strike and calling them killer doctors, satanic like the US Embassy.

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Zvanzwa butter zvima doctors izvozvo. Let those killer doctors go and work for the equally satanic @usembassyharare.We don't want any heartless doctors near our hospital. Good Riddance

However, the Ministry of Information posted another tweet apologising for the tweet and claiming that the account was compromised leading to the publication of the controversial tweet.

On  2/11/19 this Twitter handle was maliciously compromised and an inappropriate message was posted on it. On being alerted to this, changed our security information. We apologise for to any person or group of persons offended or disrespected by the message.

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