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ZIMBABWE National Family Planning Council (ZFNPC) Offering free Jadelle

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ZIMBABWE National Family Planning Council (ZFNPC) has stepped up efforts to combat unwanted pregnancies in Manicaland by offering free Janelle insertion to those between 10 and 24 years.

ZNFPC embarked on the drive on Wednesday last week at their clinic.

The drive ends (Friday).

ZNFPC Manicaland provincial manager Mr Dyson Masvingise said: “We have made it known to the clinics and hospitals in the city that from October 30 to November 1 we will be inserting Janelle for free. We will also be training doctors and nurses at ZNFPC.

“The drive intends to reduce unwanted pregnancies and at the same time we are training our nurses and doctors in a bid to capacitate our staff so that we become a centre of excellence. We are also training doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health promoters in family planning sector so that they give correct information and informed counselling services to clients. ZNFPC also conducts workplace sexual reproductive and health rights and HIV health education, training and community health education programmes in the province.”

“We are not only focusing on people in the urban areas but are also reaching out to those people in remote areas so that they can access the contraceptives,” he added.

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Jadelle is a set of two small, plastic capsules containing one hormone called progesterone and the capsules are implanted in the upper arm and slowly release hormones into the blood.

“This family planning method which was once named (the implant Norplant) usually lasts for five years and begins taking effect 24 hours after it is inserted.

“It can be removed at anytime if one decides to have children,” he said

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