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Mambo Dhuterere takes the music industry by storm.

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Mambo Dhuterere has been the talk of the town.

He's a member of the St John Apostolic Church and wears his church garb in some of his videos.

The soothing voice that accompanies his songs, marinated with an apostolic flair, distinguishes him from other gospel singers on the local music landscape.

Songs off his third and current album titled “Dare guru” have gone viral and have become regular playlists on the airwaves and streets.

Songs like the title track Dare guru, Mweya ndisesekedze, Hey hey hey featuring Mathias Mhere are some of the popular tracks off his six-track album that has become a hit.

The album produced by Gibson Makumbe of VLT Records and DJ Tamuka of MTM was released in August.


His exceptional singing style has earned him many ears and awarded him numerous followers, who seem to be increasing in numbers with each passing day.

But who is Mambo Dhuterere?

Born Darlington Mutseta in Guruve, Mashonaland Central Province 27 years ago, Mambo Dhuterere attended school at Chimbumu Primary and Secondary schools.

He then relocated to Botswana after completing his secondary education in 2008.

While in Botswana, he was involved in car-buying and selling before he quit to pursue new ventures.
The gospel set up a detergent manufacturing company, which is still running in Botswana.

“The name Mambo Dhuterere came from my music which is called Dhuterere. My followers started calling me Mambo Dhuterere after hearing my music and that is how the name came up,” he said.


Mambo Dhuterere is married and has two children. He is a pastor with St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World in Botswana.

“I started recording music in 2015. There is a touch of the Holy Spirit in the songs that I sing, combined with the gift and grace.

“Some of the songs are inspired by whatever is happening in the community or society and the people around me. Some are life experiences that I take into a song.


“This is my third album with “Dhuterere” being the first one recorded in 2015 then “Tsamba” released in 2018. “Dare Guru” came this year,” he said.

Mambo Dhuterere decided to return into the country to market his music and spread the word of God. He vowed never to perform in places perceived not fit for worshipping like bars and clubs.


But the gospel singer does not mind performing in front of people drinking beer at other public venues like halls.

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Mambo Dhuterere claims music laden with fetid lyrics does not have space in his music purse.

“When we are having a performance, say at another venue which is not a bar or club, we do not chase away people drinking beer.


“Sometimes it depends on who would have organised the show. If it is Mambo Dhuterere’s show, then it will be purely gospel.

“But on a neutral venue like a hall, we have no problems with people drinking their beers,” he said.


The gospel singer believes collaborating with top musicians in the country will be a strategy towards achieving his dreams.


“There is a huge secrete in collaborations, especially when coming from the apostolic sect.

“There are some people who just do not like apostolic type of music and those are the kind of people we want to reach to.

“I know people will follow you from the collabo and that is how we reach out to many people,” he said.


Mambo Dhuterere has so far collaborated with Trymore Bande, Seh Claz and Mathias Mhere. The Herald

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