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Meet The First UZ SRC Female President

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Abiona Mataranyika made history at the University Of Zimbabwe (UZ) yesterday after being elected as the first Student Representative Council (SRC) female president.

Since the formation of the college, in 1952 when it was still the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, the University Of Zimbabwe has never declared a female president.

The courageous and fearless madam president made a resounding victory with 2511 votes as she rose beyond the limitations, patriarchy and societal views of Women's leadership.

Mataranyika as a member of the ZINASU student Union under MDC leadership was able to beat the ZICOSU presidential candidate which is the ZANU PF backed student Union.

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Madam president survived to cyberbully, false character defamation and managed to make history for future female presidents.

Mataranyika appreciated everyone for the support they gave her and ZINASU.

”We have been given a chance to show our capabilities. Thank you so much for your congratulation. However, I cannot take all the credit because it was a team effort. If it were not for all our collective hard work, I would not have made…Truly shall not disappoint you,” said Mataranyika.


Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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