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Mudiwa Hood Blesses Wife With Expensive Perfumes

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 Hip hop singer Mudiwa hood bought expensive perfumes for his wife as a token of appreciation for all the hard work she has been doing taking care of their son.

Mudiwa hood has been showering his wife with expensive gifts posting them on social media as he recently bought his wife a brand new BMW 323i Msport car soon after their son's birth, now its expensive perfumes worth $780 USD.

The musician is showering her wife with love as well as teaching his son how to take care of women so that when he grows up he will see all these posts of how his father took care of his mother.

It seems Mudiwa hood is the ideal husband these days giving marriage advice to his son.

Dear Mudiwa Jnr

This is how you appreciate a woman, on a normal day like Thursday. Be unpredictable son, now let me explain my drive.

I have to be honest with you,Mudiwa jnr, i do not like how you mess up my wife with your milk, and Johnson products like dat baby powder etc, my wife cant smell you son or like you, she is my world 🌎, my love and mom to you my king 👑. So on my way from work i passed through @exoticscent_fragrances ( had to mention them cause i got a discount) I bought your mom a Sospiro Erba Pura by the house of Xerjoff from Italy, and ofcourse Versace Eros pour femme, one in that Versace bag and box, jus not to smell like you when you mess her up while she taking care of you son. Mudiwa i love my wife, i would rather have you smell like her perfumes not you messing my world whom you call mom.

Ofcourse i also bought my self Amouage Interlude Man, jus so i try smell different but you know i am a Creed man.
These things arent that expensive son jus a few hundress but it is the thought 💭 that counts. Learn to appreciate women everyday and never stop…again be UNPREDICTABLE
Son internet will keep this for you, i included a receipt jus so u know…it is affordable but it is the thought that counts!

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Mudiwa Hood Snr


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