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Introducing TofaraOnline Digital Skills Sharing Academy.

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TofaraOnline Digital skills sharing academy is an academy or online school which is meant for Zimbabweans and Africans to learn more on Digital Skills especially Digital Marketing for Business Growth and Innovation.

Tofara Chokera an accomplished entrepreneur, professional IT Engineer, Digital marketing expect is the founding Director for TofaraOnline Digital Skills sharing academy.

“Some are building schools physically, we have opened our school on the web and we believe our success depends on you, Please visit the academy. Review and share your comments. More courses will be added as we go on.’ said Tofara Chokera

‘So far we have uploaded courses such as content marketing’.

Making money online is a dream for many yet a reality for a few people, Tofara Chokera has decided to cut the bounds and make it a reality to many
“Many youths do not have the exposure that life can give anything beyond what they are seeing. That is why I'm going out there and teaching Digital Marketing and Innovation.

I would like to encourage women, girls and young people to embrace this platform and learn for free to improve their lives. Develop your career by learning more on digital skills. This is what Africa needs to solve our problems.

There are many opportunities which come by learning digital skills for free online ”.said Tofara
“Online marketing is not something you start today and wake up big, it’s not yet a big thing in Zimbabwe, but that is where all the foreign currency is. As long as we are in our country and selling our products locally while importing raw materials then it will be a struggle. The problem is people limit themselves a lot.

You can sell anything online be it peanut butter or madora or even share recipes on how to cook traditional meals. The future of online selling is bright if we embrace and incorporate it. It is time to embrace technology for business growth.” she said.

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