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Netone Introduce Zero Rated Transactions on One Money

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Telecommunications company, Netone, has introduced zero-rated transactions on  OneMoney platform.

Every transaction is free of charge. One Money have been a platform not so popular in Zimbabwe with Ecocash dominating the market. With this move, netone seek to gain popularity for being the cheapest form of mobile money 

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Ecocash since the upgrade have been facing challenges with users having difficulties in using the platform even though the platform was declared done. The upgrade have proved to be idea gone sideways.

NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje announced on Monday that subscribers on Netone’s OneMoney service will only pay the statutory 2 per cent tax on transactions until December 31.

We’ve introduced zero-rated transactions on all OneMoney transactions except the statutory 2 per cent tax and card swiping charges. This means that when you send money, there’s no fees; when you receive money there’re no fees; when you purchase airtime, there’ no fees; when you cash-out, there’re no fees; and when you buy at the shop using the merchant code, there’re no fees,” Muchenje told a news conference.


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