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The Indian Embassy Premises on Fire

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The Indian Embassy premises located on No.12, Natal Road, Belgravia ,Harare caught fire this Monday morning in what is suspected to have been an electrical fault.

When the Zimtrending crew arrived at the scene, the fire brigade team was already putting out the fire.

Speaking to the news crew, Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency, Rangsung Masakui, said, only the Accounts office had been destroyed in the inferno and that there were no casualties.

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“I was alerted by one of the employees in the Accounts department at around 0830hours that there was fire in the Accounts office,” said the ambassador.

“We immediately alerted the fire brigade team who were here on time. We are yet to ascertain the cause of the fire but we suspect an electrical fault and there have been no casualties recorded.

The Indian Ambassador also highlighted that plans are already underway to engage engineers to renovate the affected parts of the building as soon as possible.

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