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Woman Found With Snake Under Her Bed (pictures)

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A woman in Mbare National Harare whose identity is yet to be revealed has been found with a huge snake under the bed by her child. This resulted in public outcry.

Zimtrending learned from witnesses that the snake was already dead when it was found and was smelling bad. No one has questioned the lady in question out of fear and Parks and Wildlife have been notified.

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In an interview a witness who refused to be named said

The snake was smelling heavily, yakatofa zvayo, I believe munhu uyu akatora nyoka yanga yatourawa achida kuzotengesa ma parts ayo, bt nenyaya yekuti mayb aishaya ma buyer then product ya yave kushata kusvika zvazooneka.

Another onlooker at the mysterious finding commented that 

so its true ka mdara ..ende soo ka,there is a snake saga that happened today kuMbare.But chances are the snake might have just found shelter in her house cause ahhh chikwambo unochidini chisingakupe Mari yekugara kunana brook haiwawo

It is illegal in Zimbabwe to stay with a wild animal or kill it. It’s alleged the snake was used for witchcraft by the woman.

This is a developing story more details to follow…

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