Tytan has been working hard behind the scenes with some powerful Zimbabwean Britished based laywers to get his life in order. Looks like results are starting to pay off. 

Sources close to Tytan have told us besides getting his British Citizenship Tytan has also won shared custody of Nandi his child with his Baby Mama Olinda Chapel.

Tytan was involved in a nasty Divorce with Olinda Chapel who our source claims tried to do everything to get Tytan Deported and sent back to Zimbabwe.

“Our source told us Tytan is in a better place and is enjoying his freedom and is happeir that he has won joint custody to be with his daughter who Olinda was trying to keep away from Tytan.

Tytan has been off social media over the last few month but when he learned he was getting his British Citizen he has been posting non stop on social media, he even posted a video with his daughter at church. 

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