Mudiwahood Compensate Owner Of The Maize Cobs Stolen By Mutoko Science Teacher

Zimbabwe hip hop artist Mudiwahood rescued Mr. Jonathan Chatikobo, Mutoko science teacher who allegedly stole maize cobs settling the compensation demanded by the owner of the Maize cobs.

Mudiwahood posted the good news on social media that he had paid off the owner of the stolen maize cobs and vowed to pay fees for Chatikobo’s children.

“Good news Zimbabwe? I visited Mr. Chatikobo today just to hear and verify the story.

“It was him and we will go back formally to help him big. He teaches at a private school in the outskirts of Harare not in Mutoko as rumored.

“I sat in his class while he teaches his students, mmmm pure Genius!

“I settled the compensation demanded by the maize cobs owner and he is a free man and promised me to stay out of trouble,” Mudiwa wrote on his Facebook page.

Mudiwa has promised to help Mr. Chatikobo with school fees for his three kids.

“Among other things I will pay school fees for all his three kids, he needs it ma cousins….the man is a highly qualified science teacher who is nothing but a genius.

“He did everything our parents always asked us to do…’Dzidza mwanangu’..

“He is a genuine family man. On Saturday I’m taking him out for lunch, and will bless him again with few other things,” Mudiwa said.

The story that sparked massive social media debate showed the school head sitting on the ground with his loot of maize cobs between his legs after having been caught red-handed in the act.

Zimbabwe is currently in the midst of a political and economic crisis characterized by power cuts of up 18 hours daily, acute foreign currency shortages, runaway inflation of over 400%, an angry population, and an agitated workforce. All this is made worse by a severe drought.

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