RBZ Denies Giving Mnangagwa’s Daughter USD250K

The Reserve of Zimbabwe has scoffed at reports by exiled former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo that the central bank was ordered to give Farai Mnangagwa-Mlotsha US$1 million over five weeks.

Moyo had also claimed that Mlotshwa who is president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s daughter was today given USD250K in cash by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and no invoices were issued.

The reports sparked outrage with members of the public condemning the alleged act which comes when Zimbabwe has a huge foreign currency deficit that has affected service delivery in the country.

In response to the allegations, the central bank said that it does not deal with individuals but banks and Bureaux de Change. It said:

Fake News on USD250 000 Cash The Reserve Bank would like to dismiss the article circulating on social media on USD250 000 as fake news. The Reserve Bank only deals directly with Banks and Bureaux de Change.

Moyo responded to RBZ saying:

FAKE DENIAL. It’s known that Shavano & Mawire directed communications to deny, deny & deny some more. Mawire even sought to have staff involved in the Farai Mnangagwa transaction detained, but was stopped by security’s Muradzikwa who warned the detention would confirm the deal.


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