Woman Dumps Husband During A Court Hearing After Accusing Her Of Cheating

A KWEKWE woman broke up with her husband during a court hearing.

Merita Moyo confessed before Kwekwe civil court that her husband Honest Ngwenya assaulted her and threatened to beat her after he caught her getting into another man’s car.

She dragged Ngwenya to court seeking a protection order.

“He came to my workplace and followed me to the car that I was using as my transport.

“He dragged me by the hair and started calling me names and that was embarrassing enough for me and that’s why l no longer want anything to with him.

“He comes to our matrimonial home and takes my money and goes to his girlfriends to spend it,” she said.

Moyo told the court how she wants to end her marriage.

Ngwenya said he just did it out of love and jealousy.

“I was just protecting what is mine.

“I admit that violence is not the case to solve issues but I was controlled by jealousy and love for my wife.

“We might have come to court but I know my wife, we are going to talk,” added Ngwenya.

Magistrate Mildred Mutuvi Moyo granted the protection order in Moyo’s favor.

Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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