Zimbabwe Republic Police Officers in panic mode as a fraud suspect exhibits coronavirus symptoms in holding cells. The suspect who is a local returnee from South Africa (a nation which is finding it hard to control COVID-19 pandemic with 1380 cases, with 6 deaths) started coughing uncontrollably in the holding cells leading to the suspicion that he had Covid-19.

Scared cops called the Bulawayo City Council Covid-19 Rapid Response team to the station and the suspect was rushed to Thorngrove Infectious Diseases Hospital where he is admitted to the isolation ward.

Sources said police officers initially thought the 30-year-old suspect was faking Covid-19 symptoms to get released.

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The virus has infected about 936,204 people and has killed about 47,249 people globally.

South Africa’s Covid-19 cases now at 1380, with 6 deaths

Zimbabwe still remains at 8 cases and 1 death

Other suspects who were locked up in the holding cells with the suspect reportedly started banging cell bars for attention as the coughing got worse.

National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said medical officers within the police force were attending to police officers who were on duty and had sent them into self-isolation as prescribed by health experts.

He said other suspects who may have come into contact with the patient would also be under self-isolation.

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