He poked his nose where its not supposed to…

Lockdown entertainment taken to the next level as Shadaya and MsRed roasted each other on twitter.The two exchanged words on Twitter and Shadaya did not hold anything.

This comes after the outspoken socialite, Tawona Shadaya, blasted radio personality, Samantha ‘MisRed’ Musa on twitter, suggesting that the ZiFM DJ had a problem staying in relationships and had multiple baby daddies.

Shadaya responded to MisRed’s tweet in which she said she was glad she had let go of people who did not realise her worth.

MisRed tweeted a caption, “To those who didn’t see my worth, Thank you for setting me free…….”

In response Shadaya commented, “More than 1 baby daddy & you still think men are the problem?”

An agitated calmly responded, “My brother, may you heal from what broke you. I don’t know you… probably may never meet you, but I do hope you find peace in your heart because if attacking someone you don’t even know gives your life meaning…. you must be really broken. God keep you.”

Shadaya replied, “1 baby daddy = MISTAKE
More than 1 = HABIT
In short you mismanaged the hell out of your 🍑
Accountability feels like an ATTACK if you’re not ready to accept your bs.”

In 2018, Shadaya Tawona was arrested for retweeting from a parody account of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba.

However Shadaya behavior seem to have opened a can of worms,social media is now keen to know if its true that MsRed have multiple baby daddies.

In this lockdown boredom people just cant mind their own business anymore.

Below are the tweets:

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