The mysterious object in the picture fell from the sky in Ngezi in 2013 has made headlines on social media.Here is what we know :

According to Bulawayo 24 the object fell from the sky in 2013 and other fragments that were  spotted in the Mamina area and somewhere towards Mvuma. These areas fall under Mhondoro.

The unidentified flying object that was cited and still not been explained but experts say it could be a decaying space satellite.

According to another online news publication the Geo-information science and earth observation lecturer with the University of Zimbabwe, Professor Amon Murwira said there are many objects falling from space associated with decaying satellites or booster rockets which could have out-lived their lifespan.

“Objects which are in the sky and are falling are normally associated with decaying satellites or booster rockets from those satellites. When satellites are launched they have their lifetime and if that lifetime is over they do what we call re-entry, meaning that they re-enter the atmosphere and the part that are not destroyed by the atmosphere can come down to earth,” said Professor Murwira.

It was reported that  the historian and researcher, Mr Pathisa Nyathi said the assertion that humans are not the only intelligent beings in the galaxy can not be dismissed.

“These unidentified objects could be coming from some people somewhere. This universe is vast so we should not think that we are the only human beings, there could be other human beings trying to make contact with us so that is a possibility,” said Mr Nyathi.

He said besides the scientific explanations aliens can not be ruled out.

Explaining more on the happenings Professor Murwira was reported to have cited that there is a strong possibility that it is man-made and referred to the other objects that fell in Ngezi, Chivhu and Buhera in June which he said are remains of what are called delta rockets.

Both Professor Murwira and Mr Nyathi’s views however have historical background in Zimbabwe with a meteorite having fallen in Dotito in 2005 while aliens were cited at Ariel School in Ruwa in 1994.

The timing of the object has also led others to speculate that the object might be a comet known as ‘Ison’ which astronomers say will be seen from the United States on Tuesday.

Comet Ison has generated interest among astronomers.


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