The Zimbabwean Army truck was involved in managing the #lockdownzim was involved in a fatal crush about 49km from Kariba on its way to Harare.

The  truck was carrying soldiers on lockdown duty.

One soldier lost his life while 24 others were injured who were rushed to Kariba District Hospital.



Zimbabwe National Army truck involved in fatal accident

Army truck involved in fatal accident

Twitter reacts to Army truck Accident

Ko huni vanodzidii mutruck hantie moona kuti kushaya magetsi munyika kwakashata – @BossNela1

Ndozvzvinoita mukanyanya kushungurudza vanhu – @fgochaz

Someone who saw how these guys and police braved the harsh weather during Cyclone Idai would not say this mkoma. Vamoshanda vanhu ava. – @bmakanhiwa

Good punshment…God is awsome..zvaunoitira vamwe Mwari vanopamha double [email protected]

Very sad news,may the departed soldier rest in peace and all injured we pray for speedy recovery – @MpumeleloSiba20

Fix the roads. Put lines on them. Put speed signs that are clearly marked. Have genuine police on the road making sure people don’t speed and aren’t looking for a bribe. It’s not hard. Discipline guys. All it takes. – @calema56

My condolences to the family of the deceased and wishing the injured a speedy recovery. But sir, were all the 25 cdes in that one truck? What happened to social distancing? @MoHCCZim – @mutsairagt

Hei hei why really.these accidents have started.uku corona nemalaria.the corona money is going to be diverted to cater for tha of corona patients is increasing.nhai mwari,why us.tof rungani,apa nhamo hei – @GGutukunuhwa


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