Harare City Council has shutdown Morton Jaffray Waterworks to pave way for refurbishments at the local authority’s biggest waterworks.

The city fathers announced the development in a statement which also advised residents to use available water economically. The statement read in part:

During the shutdown, pumping to Lonchivar Water Reservoirs that supply water to the western suburbs will continue.

The shutdown is to allow for the installation of a pump at Warren Control Pump Station to match the improved water delivery capacity that is now averaging 300
million litres a day.

The local authority also said that it intends to repair leaks at Warren Control Pump Station, to install the main delivery valve on pump number 8 at Morton Jaffray.

The renovations are however being undertaken during an unsuitable time considering that running water is essential in the fight against the spread of coronavirus that is now spreading at an advanced pace in the country.

The water crisis is a perennial one for the local authority and this has seen some suburbs going for years without water.

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