A Harare man is reported to have had been living with his dead wife for days in his house.

Percy Njikizani from Glen Norah A never reported the death of his wife, Elar Mundembe to the police. He was also never seen coming out of their flat for the past two weeks.

Neigbours with police

Neighbors called the police after a stench from the flat raised their suspicions.

Circumstances leading to the death could not be established.

Reports reaching zimtrending from H-Metro says that the woman was living in fear .

A neighbor said:
“This woman was not free to let anyone in her house or life.
“I stayed here for 11 years but I never got into her house, so she was that reserved that no one would get close to her.

“So when this unfortunate incident occured, the best that we could do after that persistent bad smell was to call the Glen Norah police and to call their nephew called Edie who stays down there in Glen View 7 Extension. Edie is her nephew from her husband’s side.

“We had been suspecting this odour to be of a rotting rat for days.”
The neighbour said when the police arrived, they broke in and discovered the corpse on the sofa while the husband was in another room seated on the bed.

“It is not normal for one to stay in the same house with a dead person.
“It might be a sign that the husband maybe sick too,” the neighbour said.
Another neighbour, Byron Mujoko, said he was shocked that the woman had died.

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