Zol Zimbabwe Increases Tarrifs again

ZOL has announced a massive data price increase with the new pricing for ZOL’s packages is now structured as follows:

Package Name Data $
Wibroniks Unlimited Unlimited $3,105
Fibroniks Zoom 10GB (Pay As You Go) $191
Fibroniks Lite 40GB (Pay As You Go) $522
Fibroniks Lite + Night Owl 40GB (Pay As You Go) + 40GB (Night Owl) $887
Fibroniks Basic Essentials 50GB (Pay As You Go) $701
Fibroniks Basic Essentials + Night Owl 50GB (Pay As You Go) + 50GB (Night Owl) $1,100
Fibroniks Family Essentials 100GB (Pay As You Go) $1,601
Fibroniks Family Essentials + Night Owl 100GB (Pay As You Go) + 100GB (Night Owl) $2,224
Fibroniks Come Alive 150GB (Pay As You Go) $1,780
Fibroniks Family Entertainment Unlimited $2,939
Fibroniks Modern Family Unlimited $3,925
Fibroniks Turbo Pack Unlimited $6,685

As expected Wibroniks packages have also been adjusted and are now structured as follows;

Data Validity $
2GB 15 days + 15 days rollover $143
3GB 15 days + 15 days rollover $194
5GB 15 days + 15 days rollover $366
10GB 15 days + 15 days rollover $497
15GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $627
20GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $705
25GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $861
30GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $1,044
60GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $1,566
100GB 30 days + 30 days rollover $2,088

ZOL’s previous Wibroniks price adjustment was announced in April and before that there was an increment for Fibroniks back in March. It seems monthly adjustments are becoming the norm for Internet Service providers and telecoms companies who are struggling to deliver service in the current economic environment.

Whilst, we understand the plight of service providers its important to note that consumers are also living in that same environment making it extremely difficult for most to afford the service.

As people ditch luxuries such as internet connectivity – the increasing price of the internet is spread among fewer consumers making it harder to afford for the few who are paying for the service.

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