Zim hip hop artist Desmond Chideme popularly known as Stunner has donated 1K from his #GaraMumbaIwe gig to charity.

Zimbabwe’s lockdown has brought financial constraints to the already struggling population who rely on informal businesses to sustain their livelihoods. Thousands have been flocking to Samantha Murokozi’s free kitchen soup in Chitungwiza to get whatever the kind lady has to offer and this has drawn the attention of many Zimbabweans including celebrities such as Stunner.

Posting on Twitter, the rapper, who had a fight with fellow musician Mudiwa Hood over the concert battle, says;

“Just donated some of my earnings from the Gara mumba gig to two charitable organizations one in Chi-town and tomorrow I will be in Epworth. Thank you for your support guys”.
If you seek to contribute towards this Chitungwiza and Epworth soup kitchens just contact Samantha Murokozi on her social media handle and numbers below.


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