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Corpse Of A Minor Who Died Three Days After Birth Disappears From Funeral Parlor

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Nyasha Chikomichi from Tynwald South is accusing Tinokunda Funeral Services of hiding the corpse of their minor child who died three days after birth.

The 36-year-old, who spent the better part of yesterday, said they did not receive satisfactory assistance from police over the disappearance of the body of his minor child collected by Tinokunda Funeral Services last week on Wednesday.

Chikomichi said that his in-laws are now baying for his blood over the disappearance of the body at Tinokunda Funeral Services.

“Tinokunda Funeral Services are failing to run their business professionally and have caused untold suffering to me and my family at large,” said Chikomichi.

“After informing police about the passing on of my child they directed me to that funeral service providers and they charged me US$20 claiming that they were taking it to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

“We visited the hospital mortuary the following morning only to be told there was no such a body and upon enquiring from the funeral service providers they asked me to report to their offices for payment.

“To be honest with you, I have not been going to work since the beginning of national lockdown.

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“I sold my refrigerator to get the money I paid for the collection of the body and the other money they are demanding I cannot afford it.

“Dzivarasekwa Police Station referred me to Harare Central Police Station’s public relations office since the funeral company is in the CBD.

“Upon reaching there they referred me to Parirenyatwa police base since the parlor claimed the body was at that mortuary and a police officer there referred me back to Dzivarasekwa police station.

“Ndatambudzwa zuva rose zvekuti Tinokunda Funeral Services yacho ngaichingogara ne body yacho ini handina mari yakawanda yavarikuda.

“Anatezvara vangu vakutofungira kuti hameno zvandakaita ne body yemwana,” said Chikomichi.

The same funeral parlor on Tuesday clashed with another bereaved family overcharging exorbitant prices.

Chikomichi was charged US$80 while the other family was charged ZW$9 000 for handling fee.

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