African American in Prison

A 35-year-old Mpumalanga man was arrested for raping his 20-month-old baby and exposing the child to porn0graphic material.

The 34-year-old mother of the child narrated the whole incident.

The baby who was allegedly raped by her father with her mother

She said that early this year she suspected that the father was sexually abusing her daughter as he previously ordered her to leave the child behind while she went to work.

When I came back from work, one of the girls who lives around told me they heard my baby cry. The girl told me she tried to push the door to investigate what was happening, but the father chased her away.

“I didn’t take it seriously because I never thought he would do something like this,” she said.

She said she noticed when she was bathing her.

She said her baby cried and didn’t want her mum to touch her on her private parts.

She said the father once pretended to be sleeping, allegedly put in a porn0graphic video, switched off the volume and tried to penetrate her daughter.

She said she woke up and asked him what he was doing but he pretended to be peeing.

“I was amazed because there was no uri_ne in the bucket. I asked him several times, but he denied it,” she said.

She said after a few days, he found him holding a plank.

“He was hitting my baby forcing her to open her legs while the porn0graphic movie was playing. He placed his hands on my baby’s mouth trying to stop her from screaming.

“His trousers were already down while his 4-5 was on my baby’s thighs,” she said.

“It hurts me a lot that the person who did this is the same person who was supposed to be protecting her. I wish justice can take its cause.”

The father appeared before the KaBokweni Magistrates Court on Wednesday and was remanded in custody until 2 July.

Mpumalanga police spokesman, Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said the police were concerned with rape incidents involving biological parents.

“We are investigating strange cases where parents are alleged to be raping their own children. We need men who will behave well and look after their children,” he said

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