Woman Locks Husband’s “Privates” With Black Magic To Stop Him From Cheating

It is reported that the man, only identified as Manjoro, on Sunday last week caused quite a stir when he stormed Prophet Mduduzi Dube, popularly known as Black Elisha’s house demanding to meet him while complaining that he had rendered him impotent in bed by “locking” his privates at the instigation of his jealous wife.

Prophet Mduduzi Dube

It is alleged that Manjoro’s unidentified wife who was apparently not willing to share him with other women consulted Black Elisha to curse his manhood with black magic.

In performing the locking ritual, Black Elisha reportedly instructed Manjoro’s wife to bring a padlock and her husband’s underwear. This was designed to render her husband’s organ unable to perform on any other woman except her.

Investigations conducted established that Black Elisha, founder of the Christ Life Generation Church in Old Magwegwe, who also claims to heal many other sicknesses, was known for locking married couples and stopping them from cheating.

He also sparked controversy late last year when he sensationally prophesied that he had seen a vision of two local “prominent” prophets falling from grace after being haunted by allegations of adultery.

Although the couple could not be located for comment, a witness, who claimed to have intimate details of the incident, said when Manjoro arrived at Black Elisha’s house he passionately pleaded with his wife to let him (Black Elisha) reverse the curse which he had administered on his family jewels.

“While pleading with his wife to let Black Elisha reverse the curse, he insisted that if his erection was restored, he would never do it again. He also confessed that he became aware that she had centrally locked him because whenever he tried to have sex with other women his manhood would take a nap,” said a witness who preferred anonymity.

It also emerged that Manjoro last had sex with his wife in December last year and had been to several prophets and traditional healers who told him that his wife was the only one with the keys of the chastity device that was “securing” his manhood.

The witness said before the curse, Manjoro told Black Elisha that his manhood had been working like a well-oiled machine and he would never skip a night.

“When he asked his wife why she had done that, she told him that he grossly provoked her with his extra-marital affairs and the curse was a way of punishing him for having sex outside marriage.

The wife was also fuming saying she can’t take it to have a man in the house who won’t have sex with her,” the source said while adding that as far as Manjoro was concerned his marriage was dead.

Black Elisha however, reportedly told him that reversing the curse was possible only if his wife agreed adding that even if she approved, it was going take a lot of hard work and time.

When reached for a comment an evasive Black Elisha who initially wanted to remain tight-lipped later opened up after this publication prodded him on why he was specialising in locking married couples as a man of God.

“I am not a witch-doctor but a real and gifted man of God. Besides, healing people of different ailments. I’m also after providing stability in homes.

I am, however, not at liberty to divulge details of the people I assisted to the Press. If you want something to put in your paper why don’t you write about the breathtaking miracles that are taking place at our church,” Black Elisha said before he hung up his phone.

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