A Harare Hospital male patient believed to be a 27 years old has been stuck in hospital since his admission on 9 March 2020 after losing his memory as a result of a robbery attack.

The man was reportedly attacked by suspected robbers including his friend and was seriously injured, suffering from memory loss as he could not recall his surname since his admission at the hospital.

The man only identified as Takudzwa or Sipho cannot be discharged as the hospital does not know who to discharge him to.  This was revealed by Mr Rutendo Makoni who is a nurse at the hospital who said:

This man is around 27 years of age. He was admitted while unconscious sometime in March. There are indications that he was robbed and beaten until he became unconscious. He has not been able to regain his memory – he only managed to tell us his name and it is different from the one we were given by the people who brought him to hospital. The people who brought him here said his name is Takudzwa but he sometimes tells us that his name is Sipho,

The people who brought him here claimed that he is from Hopley and that is where he met his fate, but we do not have the exact address. What is even more confusing is that he talks about many places like Kwekwe among others as his place of residence

However speculation is rife that one of Takudzwa’s friends is one of the robbers who attacked him, but no one at the hospital really knows the truth about Takudzwa, and the hospital has said the man is in need of physiotherapy.

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