Businesswoman Ordered To Pay $15 000 Adultery Damages To Lovers Wife

Enita Mudadi, Chivhu based businesswoman was ordered to pay $15 000 adultery damages after she was dragged to Chivhu Civil Court by her lover’s wife to a woman after having an extramarital affair with her husband.

Mudadi had an affair with Zivanai Munyoro who has a valid Chapter 5:11 marriage with Loveness Mukombwa, the plaintiff.

Mukombwa had claimed $150 000 in adultery damages from Mudadi, who runs grocery shops in Chivhu, but magistrate Batanai Madzingira reduced the claim to $15 000 for both contumelia and consortium. Mudadi will also pay the cost of suit.

Mudadi dismissed Mukombwa’s claims and told the court that she was not in a love affair with Munyoro but he was just a business partner and that they were formerly employed at the same company sometime in 2012.

However, Munyoro filed an affidavit at the Chivhu Civil Court, admitting that he had been in an extra-marital affair with Mudadi since 2012.

“I just want to apologise for the trauma and hurt I have caused to everyone involved including my wife Loveness D Munyoro and Enita Mudadi. I have since moved out of her (Mudadi) residence and currently, I am staying at my workplace,” Munyoro wrote in his affidavit.

Mukombwa, who has been married to Munyoro for eleven years, discovered the love affair between Mudadi and her husband sometime in 2018 and her efforts to end the relationship were in vain.

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