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Man Commits Suicide After Wife Had An ‘Entanglement’ With A South African Man

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 South Africa-based Zimbabwean, Bhekimpilo Moyo (37) from Bulawayo’s Njube suburb committed suicide from his South Africa base on Thursday after his wife of 15 years allegedly had an entanglement with a South African man.

Moyo phoned his relatives telling them that he was committing suicide and shot photos of a poisonous substance before drinking it.

As he lay dying, he took relatives step by step through the harrowing ordeal until he breathed his last and his body was discovered between 4PM and 5PM on the same day.

Moyo had allegedly tried to kill himself two days earlier but his life was saved when he was rushed to hospital.

He sent WhatsApp voice notes and even called some relatives alerting them that he was about to commit suicide.

He narrates to the relatives that he was taking the decision after his wife broke his heart.
The wife only identified as MaNcube allegedly left him for a South African.

The new lover, according to one of the messages, would send messages to Moyo threatening to kill him if he continued communicating with MaNcube.

In one of the audio messages, Moyo seemed to have changed his mind about committing suicide as he is heard saying he would fight for his marriage.

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He is heard chatting with a female relative who asks him why he was taking that decision as he reveals that his body would be found in his home.

The woman is heard sobbing but Moyo urges her not to assuring her that he was going to a better place.

Moyo also states that he left a suicide note at home while directing his in-laws not to attend his funeral as their daughter was the reason why he is dead. In another message, he is heard groaning while crying that he was dying.

Moyo’s sister Ms Prisca Ngulube said that she is one of the people who received a message from him. She said she tried in vain to dissuade him against taking his life.

“He also sent me a message stating that he was committing suicide but I’m not the one he was chatting with in one of the voice notes that are circulating. I don’t know why he decided to do what he did. We hope those who are in South Africa will be able to explain that to us because when he sent the messages to me, I even engaged my pastors to talk to him. But it didn’t help. He was later unreachable on the phone,” said Ms Ngulube.

She said Moyo was facing financial challenges which could have impacted on his marriage.

“He was clearly having financial challenges as someone who used to hold significant amounts of money. Life wasn’t rosy for him. So maybe that is what contributed to him to take that decision. I can’t really comment about his wife but they were no longer living together. As we speak, they say they do not know where she is and has not been seen at the funeral wake,” she said.

Ms Ngulube said the family was devastated that Moyo took his life as he could have sought counselling. She said his body is expected in the country this week if all goes according to plan.

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