Students at Chinhoyi University of Technology are reportedly in panic mode after a lecturer at the college tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Some students said they were living in fear of contracting the virus too and some urged the institution to temporarily close so that the university can be disinfected.

Makonde District medical officer, Dr Paradzai Mudzengerere confirmed the CUT COVID-19 case and said:

The information we got from Harare is that the lecturer was tested in Harare and was found to be positive.

Right now, as the Ministry of Health, we are engaging Chinhoyi University to do some contact tracing for people who were in contact with him.

Officials from Harare have done contact tracing of some people he was in contact with. We are engaging the university to give us the go ahead to do the contact tracing.

Dr Madzengerere, however, called the situation worrisome and said it was too early to close the university and halt lectures over the COVID-19 case.

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