Meet Adept Siziba An Upcoming Gospel Hip-Hop Minister

Meet Adept Siziba an upcoming Gospel Hip-Hop Minister from Mpopoma, Bulawayo.

The 27-year old  seems to be striking the right codes & surely has a golden touch in Hip-Hop Music. His music doesn't disappoint.

He is set to release an album next week,an album he promises to touch all the nerve to music lovers.

“This album is what has everything for everyone. Stressed? In need? Thankful? This album encompasses that with musical ease' he said

He went on to say:

“Since, ‘Gospel' is the subject matter not the genre, a few genres were fused to perfection in this offering with rap having the lion's share. “Break free is an album that empowers someone to be positive since God's love cuts across every state, sin, background & deliver the goods,” “

The album boasts of tracks such as the title track, ‘Break free' which breaks the chains of bondage from the devil's grip. Uphila kimi (He lives in me) celebrates God being part of the lad's life.

Gospel aficionados surely have something to look forward to in this album. Some of the tracks include Jabez, Expressions and Kinging, just to name a few. This album is a must have & will premier soon online.

Addis is a talented writer and poet too. His music revolves around romantic love songs to Agape love songs.For all these gifts,he gives gratitude to God

My musical journey has been one that has seen me grow in all facets of art. i have grown and honed craft over the years. I have been writing a book as well as doing some poetry. All of this points to his gratitude to God for such a talent.

The “Break free,” album has an assortment of artists collaborating with Dazz (Adept's nickname) on the project. Some of the notable artists featured include Safi, Ririe, Mishfurau and Sean B.

To young people the artist urged everyone to use their talents.

“Youths should use their talents. Myself i ought for the whole world to know how the Lord has been good to me and if it was possible with me “The Chief of Sinners”, then it can be possible with anyone else. God doesn’t discriminate. He sees no colour.”

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