The Human Rights Cries, Corruption Reports In Zimbabwe Are Just Being Made As An Extreme Provocation Of The Elected Government – Wutawunashe

Yesterday in Mutare Zimbabwe Indigenous Inter-denominational Council of Churches Spokesperson Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe responded to the Catholic Bishops’ letter saying that there was a propaganda war of painting the government as intolerant and corrupt as a tactic to provocate the government to respond which will justify the false picture being painted by the parties he didn’t specifically mention, The Herald reports.

Part of the statement by Wutawunashe that might not sit well with some Zimbabweans who witnessed the corruption scandal that rocked the Health Ministry, reads:

Since 2018 elections and even before, Zimbabweans have been held to ransom and forced to drink from a poisoned chalice of lethal and adversarial politics whose sole agenda is that the opposition may govern, regardless of the democratic outcome of electoral and legal processes, both of which they participated in.

To this end, a relentless propaganda war bent on painting a picture of the Government as intolerant, corrupt and violating human rights with no regard to the rule of law, continues to be pursued- a picture that has relentlessly been played to the gallery of the international community with the intent of persuading them to maintain the economic sanctions which have brought untold suffering to the poor people of this nation.

These tactics, have also, from the outset, involved extreme provocation of the elected Government to goad it into reactions that would, if succumbed to, serve to justify the false picture being painted,” said Rev Wutawunashe.

Wutawunashe also said the government has made a clear effort to develop the nation and said:

Clear effort has been made, at best to distract attention from the sterling, diligent and very visible efforts to develop and take the nation forward which the Government has been pursuing, or at worst, to sabotage these efforts.

Wutawuanshe in the same statement did not mention or call out the government for any of the human rights issues that are making international headlines.

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