Econet Reviewed Bundles Much Lower Than Netone

As early as last week Econet promised that they were going to review their data bundles in line with the ever depreciating local currency.

No one was suprised, not only has POTRAZ given them the permission to base tariffs in USD and flex them regulary using the prevailing “official” exchange rate, Econet is surprisingly charging bundle tariffs that are much much lower than NetOne’s own tariffs.

People were however afraid that Econet would try to match the eye-popping prices that NetOne is asking for.

Well, it seems our fears were not founded. While not insignificant, the hikes are not heart-attack inducing as some feared.

Of particular interest are the Private WiFi bundles. Econet has cleverly priced them such that you can actually buy these bundles using Ecocash even as the limit has now been reduced to $5 000 ZWL per day.

In contrast you cannot buy NetOne’s OneFi bundles in one day if you opt for the biggest bundle.

Econet Private WiFi Bundle Prices For August 2020
Bundle Price ZWL
8GB $600
15GB $950
25GB $1 500
50GB $2 200

Econet Private WiFi Bundle Prices For September 2020
Bundle Price ZWL
8GB $960
15GB $1 520
25GB $2 400
50GB $3 520

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