How The John Vuli Gate Dance Challenge Started

They were celebrating a friend’s birthday and had no idea their dance moves would go viral.

The song started to trend after a group of young ladies stole the hearts of many on social media after a viral clip of them dancing at a Shell service station to the song ‘John Vuli Gate‘. 

The viral video of the girls sparked a dance challenge dubbed the #JohnVuliGateChallenge.

The ladies have popped so quickly on the internet with their social platforms garnering a huge number of followers in a short space of time. They were even invited to feature in the official music video of the song, Mbare Times reports.

Despite the #johnvuligate challenge being dominated by women, that has not discouraged men from participating in the new dance trend.

Just like the Jerusalema challenge which also went viral here in Zim, the John vuli gate challenge is seemingly taking the same route as well.

Their moves to Mapara A Jazz’s song, John Vuli Gate, not only captivated many fans, but helped them make some money.

Reports reaching zimtrending from an online publication suggest that birthday girl Kgomotso Aphane (19) had no idea their video would receive so much love and open doors for them.

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