Mudiwa Hood Gives Street Kids An Early Christmas Present

Hip-Hop artist Mudiwa Hood yesterday surprised a group of street kids by taking them for Christmas shopping and having lunch with them.

Mudiwa revealed this on his Twitter account with the caption:

You are one good deed away from changing someone’s life for good…Show love!! While driving home I had these kids come to my car asking for $1 to get food. I reversed and parked my car, took the kids for Christmas shopping and had lunch with them. #Dogoodfornoreason

He then posted pictures of him and the visibly happy street kids shown below. 

There were mixed reactions to the gesture by Mudiwa’s followers. Some commended him for the good deed whilst others said he should not have taken pictures.

Below are some of the responses.

You did it for sosho media. You’ve had your reward

I’m truly inspired problem with humans is when you take selfies they’ll say you’re looking for likes if you just write about the good deed you did they’ll ask for v11s. Humans are never satisfied with anything
Kkkk ehe wagona but next time dont post ingoita wakanyarara thank you
Selfie or no selfie those children will not forget this day while you are being petty

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