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Robbers Net US$35 000 In Cash-In-Transit Heist

A group of five armed robbers attacked and robbed US$ 35 000 from a security company's cash-in-transit truck in Chivi.

The incident occurred on Monday morning as the Safeguard Security's cash-in-transit truck was about to deliver the cash to a Mukuru Branch around 9:30 AM. Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confined the incident and said;

“We are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at Chivi Growth Point where five armed man attacked a Safeguard crew and got away with US$35 000, R350 000 and $ZW2 000 cash.”

According to police, the robbers pounced on the cash in transit vehicle as the guards were about to deliver the cash to the branch.

“The robbers pointed guns at the security guards as they were disembarking from the vehicle and disarmed them before taking away a cash box containing US$35 000, R350 000 and $2 000.

“They then jumped into an unregistered blue Toyota Revo twin cab and sped off towards Mandamabwe Business Centre.

“The gang also robbed the guards of their three pistols,” said national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi in a statement.

The suspects’ speeding vehicle was later spotted around the Mhandamabwe area in Chivi after the heist. The suspects avoided a security checkpoint along Masvingo-Mhandamabwe Road. “At Mhandamabwe Police Roadblock (155km along Masvingo-Mbalabala Road) they approached while speeding and meandered off the road to avoid hitting the drums.”  

The cases of armed robberies are on the increase lately. Last month, armed robbers shot a police officer and robbed 59 passengers aboard a bus bound for Beitbridge. A few weeks back armed robbed attacked a group of houses selling chickens in forex in Bulawayo.

Another family in Bulawayo was also robbed of US$89 000 by machete-wielding robbers.

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