Strive Masiyiwa Named As One Of The 50 Most Influential People In The World

Bloomberg has named Strive Masiyiwa as one of the honourees on the prestigious 2020 Bloomberg 50 most influential people in the world.

Masiyiwa was honoured for his exemplary in Zimbabwe’s health sector before and during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country. He offered to subsidise wages of nurses and doctors who were threatening to go on strike.

Bloomberg wrote;

Masiyiwa, a billionaire who’s originally from outside of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, paid monthly stipends from ZW$5,000 to ZW$10,000 ($62 to $124) to health-care workers to stay on the job. When Covid-19 hit, he offered an additional ZW$500 a day for anyone hospitalized by the virus and $ZW50,000 for permanent disability or death.

His program ran through July, and since its expiration some workers have gone back on strike.

Strive, who is the founder of the Econet group, runs a number of charities around the world and he has given scholarships to over 250,000 African students, and he currently supports close to 40,000 orphans across the continent.

The Bloomberg 50 seeks to highlight those who are changing the game in quantifiable ways – from finance to fashion, entertainment to manufacturing, biotech, philanthropy and almost everything in between.

Rising Star Marcus Rashford also featured on the list for his campaigns for the donation of food to underprivileged children in the UK during the Coronavirus lockdown.

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