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Chiadzwa Diamonds Go Missing, Anjin Fires 35

"Our CCTV observed some irregular behaviour by four of our workers" - Mr Matarirano, Anjin PRO

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Anjin Investments fired 31 employees in the last year alone, while four others were recently suspended pending investigations over the alleged theft of diamonds in Chiadzwa.

Some employees are working in cahoots with diamond dealers to prejudice their employers of the precious gems. Investigations also established that several diamond dealers, some of foreign origin but based in Mutare, recruit employees in order to have easy access to the diamonds.

It is understood that well-orchestrated syndicates of employees working in the Density Medium Separator and the Corn Crusher departments of the mining plants are taking advantage of lapses in security concentration to steal diamonds that are then passed on to dealers at agreed prices. In some cases, security officers are also part of the syndicates.

Anjin Investments (Private) Limited’s public relations officer, Mr Special Matarirano confirmed this development saying:

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“Our CCTV observed some irregular behaviour by four of our workers and the company’s policy is that any suspicious behaviour from employees who works in the red zone attracts an immediate suspension pending thorough investigations.

“Hence, those four employees were suspended pending investigations. The results of the investigations will guide the decision the company will take. Last year alone, a total of 31 employees were relieved of their duties by the company after being found on the wrong side of the code of conduct.

“In line with the security global trends, Anjin has, over the years, been strengthening its security. In this regard, the company has been installing and upgrading its integrated security systems. This has led to the integration of physical and technological security. As a company, we have also tightened up and sealed lapses in our security systems. The company is taking no prisoners in securing the product and the equipment.”

The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC), another other company carrying out mining operations in Chiadzwa, is said to have also fired a number of employees over the theft of diamond pieces.


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