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Sunningdale Family Forces Man with Albinism to Live in Bathroom

Admire’s plight came to light after he resorted to scavenging for leftover food at a funeral for several days.

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Family forces man with albinism to live in the bathroom and to scavenge in trash cans for food.

In a heart-wrenching tale, a Sunningdale man living with albinism has revealed the inhumane treatment he has suffered at the hands of a family member since his return from South Africa.

The man identified as Admire Kudakwashe Machingauta (36) told a tabloid daily that he has endured various forms of abuse at the hands of his nephew Tawanda Chipfakacha.

Upon learning of Admire’s plight, residents in his neighbourhood have threatened to demonstrate against his family. Admire’s plight came to light after he resorted to scavenging for leftover food at a funeral for several days. Concerned neighbours called the press in a bid to expose the family and get justice for Admire.

Speaking to the publication, Admire revealed that he returned to Zimbabwe from South Africa after 11 years. Prior to his return, he informed his brother and sister who assured him they would give one of their tenants a three-month notice to create space for him.

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Admire said:

I had been living in South Africa for the past 11 years. Working conditions changed due to xenophobia and I decided to return home. I informed my brother, Malvin, and sister, Dorothy, about my intentions.

They promised to give one tenant three months’ notice so that I could occupy one room in the house, but they didn’t.

However, that did not happen and when he returned back home, his sister’s eldest son subjected him to ill-treatment. He said that his nephew denies him entry into the house as well as food.

Admire revealed that he sleeps in the bathroom and sometimes in the corridor because there is a water leak in the bathroom. Despite his challenging situation, he expressed gratitude for the support he receives from his neighbours who provide him with food.

Admire’s nephew, Tawanda, as well as his sister and brother, were unavailable for comment. However, a neighbour, who declined to be identified, confirmed Admire’s heartbreaking account of abuse.

According to the neighbour, other residents were distressed by how Admire is being treated by his family and are prepared to take a stand against them on his behalf.


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