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Greendale Residents Propose Solution to Loadshedding

ZETDC informed the residents that the only solution to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply was through paying a higher tariff.

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Greendale residents who reside along Shaneragh Road have proposed an innovative solution to circumvent the power cuts that have plagued Zimbabwe.

They have petitioned to be included in a pilot project that guarantees them electricity at a premium price, which they have willingly agreed to pay.

The residents launched this initiative during a time when Zimbabwe was grappling with reduced electricity generation, leading to frequent power outages.

ZESA Holdings, the country’s electricity supplier, has been implementing load shedding since the previous year, resulting in most suburbs experiencing blackouts from as early as 5:00 am to as late as 10:00 pm.

Brian Shenje, a community leader, approached the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a subsidiary of Zesa, to address the issue of extended load-shedding hours.

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ZETDC informed him that the only solution to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply was through paying a higher tariff.

Shenje confirmed that he consulted with senior management at Zesa, who indicated that the residents could avoid load shedding by paying a premium price for electricity. He added that they were required to put their request in writing and submit it to Zesa’s committees.

According to Shenje, if the residents agreed to pay the higher tariff, they would not experience load shedding. Shenje said:

“We have been assured that if we pay a higher tariff, they will ensure that we don’t experience load shedding. This is how we plan to manage load shedding.

The news of the Greendale residents’ initiative has elicited a mixed reaction from Zimbabweans on Twitter. Some people commend the move as a practical solution to an urgent problem, while others criticize it as a sign of growing inequality.


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