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Migration: Best Destinations for Zimbabweans

It's important to consider language, culture, and job prospects before making a decision.

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Migrating from Zimbabwe to Europe or America is not an easy process.

You will need to comply with the visa and immigration laws of the destination country, which may vary depending on your country of origin, education level, work experience, family ties, and other factors.

According to a survey by Afrobarometer, more than one in three Africans have considered emigrating, mostly for economic reasons. However, most of them prefer to stay within their region or go to another African country, rather than Europe or North America.


Some of the easiest countries to immigrate to in 2023 are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Malta, and Ecuador.

These countries have relatively flexible immigration policies, high standards of living, and diverse cultures. However, you will still need to meet their eligibility criteria and follow their application procedures.

If you're looking to migrate from Zimbabwe, there are a few countries that are easier to move to than others. Here are my top five picks:

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1. South Africa – With a shared border and a large Zimbabwean community, South Africa is a popular destination for Zimbabweans. The country also has a relatively simple visa process and a strong economy.

2. Botswana – Another neighboring country, Botswana offers a stable political climate and a high standard of living. The country also has a shortage of skilled workers, making it easier to obtain a work permit.

3. Namibia – Namibia has a similar culture and language to Zimbabwe, making it an easy transition for migrants. The country also has a low population density and a growing economy.

4. Canada – While it may be further away, Canada has a reputation for being welcoming to immigrants. The country has a points-based system for immigration, which takes into account factors such as age, education, and language skills.

5. Australia – Like Canada, Australia has a points-based system for immigration. The country also has a strong economy and a high standard of living.

Overall, these countries offer a range of opportunities and benefits for Zimbabweans looking to migrate. It's important to do your research and consider factors such as language, culture, and job prospects before making a decision.


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