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Two Women Nabbed for Loyalty to Their Men

Maud’s boyfriend gave her US$26,000, while Joyline’s husband gave her US$28,000 for the purposes of buying houses.

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Two Women Nabbed for Loyalty to Their Men

Two women from Mutare, Maud Mutambara (24) and Joyline Musamba (33), have been charged with money laundering after allegedly assisting their partners in purchasing houses with money acquired from a robbery.

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The women were reportedly aware that the money they used came from criminal activities.

Mutambara and Musamba appeared separately before Harare regional magistrate Marewanazvo Gofa and were not asked to plead.

The court heard that Mutambara’s boyfriend, George Mupudzi, who is still at large, staged a robbery with his accomplices at the corner of Leopold Takawira Street and Bute Street in Harare, stealing US$128,932.

Mutambara’s boyfriend gave her US$26,000 to buy a house, while Musamba’s husband gave her US$28,000 for the same purpose.

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Mutambara bought a house at Raheem Farm, while Musamba bought a house in Natview Park.

The court did not ask the women to plead, indicating that further legal proceedings will take place to determine their guilt or innocence.

Money laundering is a serious offense that involves disguising the origins of illegally obtained money to make it appear legitimate by moving it through a series of transactions and financial institutions.

Two Women Nabbed for Loyalty to Their Men

Governments and regulatory bodies have implemented measures to combat money laundering, including requiring proof of funds in real estate transactions.

In the case of Mutambara and Musamba, they were charged with money laundering for using money acquired from a robbery to purchase houses.


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