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Danhamombe High School Pupil Gives Birth During A Shona Examination

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In a dramatic turn of events, a Form 6 pupil at Danhamombe High School allegedly gave birth during a Shona examination.

School head Emmanuel Muvengi confirmed the incident however he claimed that she actually delivered the baby at Chivi hospital.

He identified her as Hazel Titos

“I am not authorized to speak to the media but the girl did not give birth in the examination room. She was rushed to the hospital where she delivered her baby. If you want more information please get in touch with my superiors,” said Muvengi.

According to eyewitnesses, Titos started complaining about abdominal cramps during the examination and is said to have lied to the invigilators that she was experiencing her monthly period. 

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Thirty minutes into the examination, Titos reportedly collapsed as her amniotic sac fluid gushed out.

After female teachers realized she was in labor they had to ask male teachers and other pupils to leave the room so they could help her.

The examination had to be delayed and the female teachers are said to have helped Titos deliver her baby safely before taking her to the hospital where she later finished her examination.

Titos is said to have given birth to a premature baby who was seven months.

She is said to have told the nurses that the father’s baby was Tawanda Mudziwedare who stayed at the same house with the pupils.

Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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