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Tinashe Mutarisi: Passion Java & Mudiwa Tormenting Me

"They have always desired a direct confrontation with me, despite my pleas for them to leave me alone" - Tinashe Mutarisi, CEO - Nash Paints

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Tinashe Mutarisi: Passion Java & Mudiwa Tormenting Me

Nash Paints CEO, Tinashe Mutarisi has made sensational claims that charlatan Passion Java and his side kick Mudiwa Hood are fighting against him.

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In a Facebook post, Mutarisi said the duo claim that they are being sent by the powers that be yet in actual fact it is them that are going after his business.

Mutarisi added that the Java and Mudiwa have always sought to confrontation with him. The pair are said to have attempted to befriend the entrepreneur but he has refused to entertain them.

Mutarisi goes on to claim that Java and Mudiwa are jealous of him because of the love and respect that he easily earned from the people of Zimbabwe.

Tinashe Mutarisi: Passion Java & Mudiwa Tormenting Me

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Passion Java and Mudiwa called me yesterday, claiming that they were sernt by higher authorities to campaign against me and my business. However, this is a lie as no one has authorized them and it is simply their attention-seeking behavior. It is not the system that is fighting against me, but rather him and his vain friends who fail to comprehend why people still support and admire me without having to boast like they do. They attempted to befriend me, but I declined to join their destructive cliques that aim to undermine the values of our nation. They have always desired a direct confrontation with me, despite my pleas for them to leave me alone. Unfortunately, they have continuously attacked both me and my business without any valid reason. Their actions stem from jealousy, as they are unable to attain the love and respect from the people of Zimbabwe that I effortlessly receive. I am grateful to the people of Zimbabwe for their unwavering support, which has become a powerful shield against these haters. Tinashe Mutarisi

Earlier in the year, the founder of Nash paints has complained about “corrupt officials” who are demanding kickbacks as a condition for operating in the country.

Mutarisi said he was no longer going to comply with the demands of the unnamed “corrupt officials.” He said:

Sometimes the abuse we get from these corrupt officials is unbelievable!

I’m really not one to complain but sometimes people can just abuse their authority zvekusvika pakuti share or I burn everything that you have.

If you really care for the thousands that benefit from this thing give me a cut. Burn it then.

Munhu wese ane breaking point! Enough is enough. The good thing is I kept receipts! Hold on!

If I die I die, but I’m not going to take this rubbish anymore.


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