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Shona Zimbos Invading Limpopo Province

The language is now spoken in over 28,000 households in the province with a population of 6.6 million people.

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Shona Zimbos Invading Limpopo Province

Risenga Maluleke, the Statistician-General, claims Limpopo has a new language that was not recorded in the 2011 Census.

Risenga adds that Shona is now a language in the province as he presents the 2022 Census Report to Premier Stanley Mathabatha in Polokwane.

He indicates that the language is spoken in over 28,000 households. The province today has a population of 6.6 million people.

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He attributes the population increase to Zimbabwean migrants.

Let’s look at this province: 55.5 % speak Sepedi followed by 17.4% who speak Tshivenda, followed by Xitsonga 17.3% but there is this one which was never there before Shona 1.6%.

So, the people from Zimbabwe are moving into this province and this is their first port-of-call which was never picked up in the previous Census.

Now, this is what we are picking up.

Shona Zimbos Invading Limpopo Province

Meanwhile, Mathabatha has expressed concern about the migration of the province’s residents to provinces such as Gauteng in search of greener pastures.

For us to curb this migration, we need to come up with a different kind of education system which will train our children to be relevant to our people and industrial battles, you see amoebas, which is not relevant to the Tubatse community, a community full of mining but we are not teaching them anything about mining and our economy, let us be relevant.


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